Fluorocent randomly appear undermarking text in some blocks due to layout design

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    Hello WordPress,

    My name is Costas Kitis having the website http://www.elepheriepilogi.wordpress.com and because of random congestion been caused while editting in design and layout features newly introduced a few weeks ago red or green fluorocent undermarkings appear along part of text on pages associated to standard blocks or headings as being shown on the screenshots attached.

    Congratulations by the way on your wonderful newly-introduced features that I must say lack the capability to align-justify the paragraphed text to revert to the classic editor for composing and for amending written articles.

    The red or green markings that appeared on the website after editting my homepage surround written text in the page and article editor as well and must have been randomly caused by congestion but persistently do not clarify of themselves by carrying out any usual amendment activity.

    Is there another step to make to clarify of the red or green markings or another way by which you can intervene to withdraw the interference from the website or editor?


    Thank you,
    ckitis (Costas Kitis)



    Thank you for removing the markings if so because they are now clarified and I read that they were translator indicators with red indicating that there are no available translations for the same sentence in english or green that there are and in yellow that translations are pending. I already participate in translating english to greek however and apologise for not noticing about the feature been active. Sorry to bother you. Costas Kitis (ckitis).



    Κανένα πρόβλημα Κώστα και ευχαριστούμε για τη βοήθεια στη μετάφραση.

    Αν χρειάζεσαι βοήθεια με κάτι άλλο πες μου :)

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