Refund to Pay Pal account because of your mistake

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    You have made the refund to my son’s pay pal account which was kept in my profile since last year along with my credit card. You took the amount out of the pay pal account without prior notice. We told you to refund the money and you did. And now every time I try to get into my profile you tell me I am a thief? Are you out of your mind? I want this message to be vanished from my profile. You are the ones responsible for all the mess, you took money from an account without asking and you call me a thief? I think you have to ammend this immediately. This is unacceptable!!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    To sort this out you need to contact the Support staff directly. You can do so by adding the tag modlook to the right sidebar of this topic or by using this contact form:

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